On Monday night, under the cloak of darkness, the State Department dumped thousands of Hillary Clinton emails hoping to avoid a media firestorm.

You wouldn’t even know it happened if you watched ABC, because after briefly mentioning it on Monday, the network completely ignored it on Tuesday.

From NewsBusters:

Deeming it not pertinent for their viewership, ABC’s World News Tonight refused to cover on Tuesday night the latest round of Hillary Clinton’s e-mails being released by the State Department despite having briefly reported on them on Monday hours before they were actually released.  Joining ABC in their zero coverage of Clinton was Spanish-language network Telemundo (which also failed to mention the scandal on Monday’s Noticiero Telemundo

One heck of a news team they have over there at ABC.

It’s not as if the emails were unexciting either.  Some really serious information was released in this latest batch including Hillary’s involvement in a plot to impeach Clarence Thomas and over 100 emails containing classified information.

It’s one thing for George Stephanopoulos to ignore the scandal on his Sunday show given that he was a major donor and former employee to Hillary Clinton but one would think the rest of the network would at least attempt to appear objective.

Apparently that isn’t the case and Hillary can count on relative radio silence from the major networks when it comes to the scandal that could very well end her political career.