This week, the New York Times ran a story with the title, “Clarence Thomas, a Supreme Court Justice of Few Words, Some Not His Own” which provides the obvious implication that Thomas is unoriginal, maybe even a plagiarist.

From The Daily Caller

In the article, Times reporter Adam Liptak cites three studies that used linguistic software to measure what percentage of justices’ opinions use words cribbed from briefs submitted to the court.

According to Liptak, Thomas used words from those briefs at an “unusually high” rate compared to other justice. The black justice’s opinions also “appear to rely heavily on the words of others,” the reporter wrote.

Someone reading this article would think that Clarence Thomas has been stealing the words of other people and passing them off as his own.

There’s only one problem, when the percentage of “cribbed” opinions from other justices are looked at, they are almost exactly the same as Thomas’.

Thomas: 11.29%
Sotomayor: 11.04%
Ginsburg: 10.55%
Alito: 9.48%
Roberts: 9.20%
Scalia: 8.74%
Kennedy: 8.36%
Breyer: 7.56%
Kagan: 7.13%

It is no secret that liberals can’t STAND Clarence Thomas.  Ever since the day he was nominated by President George H.W. Bush he has been victimized by brutal attacks from Democrats.  Many people remember how Senators Joe Biden and Ted Kennedy tried to humiliate Thomas during his confirmation hearings, running wild with unsubstantiated claims from Anita Hill in order to make Thomas look like a sexual predator.

It didn’t work, and Thomas went on to become one of the court’s most respected judges especially in conservative circles.

Shameful jab by the New York Times.