Ever wonder what would happen if a Hollywood actress hit the campaign trail at the Iowa State Fair and peppered Republican candidates with obscure questions in an attempt to paint that candidate as a bigot? Me neither.  But actress Ellen Page (and yes I looked it up she is an actress) showed up in Iowa today and did her best to create a “gotcha” moment from Ted Cruz.  As you can imagine, it didn’t work out very well for her.

As you can see in the video, Ellen Page doesn’t even really bring up any points or any legitimate questions but instead tried to get Ted Cruz to answer for those who used the bible to justify segregation and slavery 50-200 years ago.  Several times, Page brought up slavery and segregation as reasons why the LGBT community is worried about Republicans.

Not only is that comparison completely ridiculous it doesn’t have anything to do with the current debate taking place in the country.  The fact that a certain portion of the Republican party believes in the bible and doesn’t support gay marriage is not the same as segregation and slavery, by any measure.

It’s these kind of false arguments and narratives that make it impossible to have a rational and respectful debate.  While Ellen Page does a great job of capturing the liberal millennial mindset, she does a poor job of accurately characterizing the positions of Republicans.  Don’t quit your day job Ellen.