Almost a month after an American hunter lured a lion out of a nature reserve in Africa and shot it to death, ABC dedicated 46 minutes of airtime to the story this past Friday.

In significantly more important news, a seventh Planned Parenthood video was released this week and it was just as appalling as the others, if not worse.  This video shows a former employee of one of Planned Parenthood’s partner agencies telling the awful story of a situation where she was once forced to harvest the brain from a baby that was still alive.  This video further confirms the unspeakable evil that is taking place at Planned Parenthood on a daily basis.

The mainstream media? Nowhere to be found.

In fact, the major networks covered Cecil the Lion more in 1 day than two weeks of the Planned Parenthood videos.

This unbelievable hypocrisy serves as clear evidence that the media is more concerned about the life of a single lion in Africa than of a child in America being delivered alive and then essentially decapitated.

Because of course, Planned Parenthood “does a lot of good for women”.