Joker Lights Money on Fire

Last month, President Obama’s federal government spent more money than any other month in history which amounted to a whopping total of $375 billion dollars.  This breaks the previous record of $369 billion dollars set by President Obama three years ago in August 2012.

This may come as a surprise to some who have heard the constant cries from Washington that fiscal restraint has been restored and the deficits are being cut, a common narrative being pushed by the Obama administration.

But of course the media swooped right in and reported this record setting spending outburst and shunned those in charge who stood by while the country digs itself deeper into a $20 trillion hole that it will almost surely never climb out of right?

Not exactly.

The media chose to not only ignore the story, they tried to cover it up.

The Associated Press went so far as to blame the record on the calendar.  They came up with the nonsensical argument that this level of spending only occurred because there were five Fridays in the month of July.

Of course, that happens four times a year and not only that, even if there were 6 Fridays in the month, that doesn’t change the fact this was an unprecedented amount of spending during a time where the country is allegedly on the right track.

No matter how you slice it, spending in this country is out of control and is showing no signs of slowing down.