Well Hillary finally did it.  After almost 100 days of avoiding the media at all costs, literally speeding away from them in a van at one point, the former first lady sat down with the hard hitters at CNN.  NBC praised the interview as “Hillary Gets Candid” and “Hillary Opens Up” but in reality the exchange was not pretty.

In between laughing off questions about her self manufactured email scandal and writing off the Clinton Foundation scandal as nothing more than a Republican conspiracy, Hillary managed to squeeze in some truly unbelievable lines.

Here are the top 3, and trust us, narrowing these sound bytes down was not an easy task.

1 – “I’m subjected to a constant barrage of attacks that are largely fomented by and coming from the right.”

Actually, the Clinton Foundation scandal was originally reported on by the liberal bastion New York Times.  And since then, every major left-leaning network has reported on it.  In fact, a significant number of top Democrats have voiced harsh criticism of Clinton.

2 – “Everything I did was permitted”

This was Hillary’s response to the question about the email scandal that Clinton is currently embroiled in.  The only thing worse than this dishonest answer is that the CNN reporter decided not to press her on it at all.  Hillary’s statement is patently false.  It was recently discovered that Clinton exclusively used a private email account, which is not only very unusual, it means that there is no way to know if her emails were stored according to the rules of the State Department.  That alone makes her promise that everything was permitted impossible to improve.  Not to mention the fact that she was the only one who decided what emails to turn over which essentially puts her entire credibility on the honor system.  Not good enough for Hillary and not good enough for any high ranking government official that is supposed to be serving the people.

3 – “People should and do trust me.”

This line certainly drew the most laughs but its actually extremely unsettling.  By every measure, credibility is Hillary’s biggest struggle and her response was simply to tell people they are wrong without any kind of further explanation.  A startling 57% of swing state voters don’t trust Hillary.  To imply that most people trust her is simply false and Hillary’s ability to look into the camera and basically scold the reporter for asking a ridiculous question is the definition of detached.

Honorable mention – “I never had a subpoena” 

Yes Hillary, You did.