The 2014 midterm election was a complete disaster for Democrats.  President Obama’s policies, which he himself admitted were on the ballot, were repudiated across the board as Democrats lost their majority in the Senate and lost more seats in the house than previously expected.

There were many issues and false narratives that contributed to the Democrats losing power but perhaps the most significant mistake they made was severely overplaying their hand regarding the manufactured “War On Women” myth.  Many believe the myth started in the 2012 Presidential race when George Stephanopoulos, who we now know had no business moderating a GOP debate, asked Mitt Romney whether or not he wanted to outlaw birth control.  This was a preposterous insinuation that wasn’t based on any statement Romney, or any GOP candidate, has ever made.  However, it cemented the liberal narrative that Republicans are against women’s “reproductive rights”.

The most outrageous example of this strategy was the senate race in Colorado, where Democrat incumbent Senator Mark Udall threw the gender identity kitchen sink at his Republican challenger Cory Gardner.  Udall focused so heavily on abortion and contraception that he earned the unfortunate nickname of Mark “Uterus”.  He even went so far as to say that Cory Gardner wanted to outlaw birth control.  That was a lie and Udall lost the election he was favored to win.

It turns out, not only are the new GOP senators not “anti-birth control”, but instead one of their first actions in the Senate is to sponsor legislation to encourage companies to provide safe over the counter birth control.  One of the key sponsors of the bill is, you guessed it, Cory Gardner.  The guy who hated women and wanted to outlaw birth control has joined Thom Tillis, Joni Ernst, Kelly Ayotte and others in putting forward a bill that incentivizes drug companies to provide safe and affordable over the counter birth control.

This move is a direct response to Obamacare’s requirement that health insurance providers supply full access to birth control which essentially puts taxpayers on the hook to cover the rising costs.  In liberal circles, this is considered “free” birth control but in reality no federally subsidized program is ever free.  This measure, a clear violation of religious freedom, would be essentially neutralized by the access to over the counter options.

Salon recently came out with a lovely response article that called Gardner’s plan “Bullsh*t” and said that the senator was “full of sh*t”.  Not exactly a fact based argument. The bottom line is that it drives liberals crazy to admit that they don’t have a monopoly on knowing what women want.  Democrats have adopted a position on abortion and birth control that is simply untenable and completely out of line with what the majority of Americans want.  Mark Udall learned that.  Democrats in Congress learned that.  Hopefully, the rest of the Democratic leadership will do the same.