It is becoming more and more clear that the Democrats aren’t going to field a serious challenger to Hillary Clinton. Even if every rumored candidate jumps in the race, the Left will end up with a group that includes Hillary, Bernie Sanders, Jim Webb, Martin O’Malley, Joe Biden and let’s add Elizabeth Warren for good measure even though she likely won’t run.  The media has has been publishing stories recently trying to paint the GOP as a dying party, but when you actually look at the candidates both parties are putting forward, it’s becoming more and more apparent that the Democrats are the party without new ideas.

When this list is broken down, there are very few accomplishments to brag about.

Bernie Sanders may be a cult hero among those on the far left but at the end of the day he is a self avowed socialist.  He has literally a zero percent chance of becoming our next President and he is the supposed “biggest threat” to Hillary.

Martin O’Malley has been floated as a possible challenger to Hillary.  His only political accomplishment was being elected Mayor of Baltimore, a city that hasn’t had a Republican mayor since the 1960s, and Governor of Maryland.  He did such a great job running the state of Maryland that his hand picked successor was beaten by a Republican.  O’Malley is also tied to some controversial policing policies that some argue served as the impetus for the Baltimore riots.  Bottom line.  Martin is a mediocre candidate at best.

Jim Webb, we don’t even need to talk about.  He brings zero name recognition and zero legislative accomplishments to the table.  Joe Biden, possibly the least impactful Vice-President in modern history, probably won’t run but if he does, he is almost instantly Hillary’s most serious challenger.  That’s saying a lot considering how chronically not serious he has been throughout his career.

That leads us to Hillary who is possibly the most boring candidate in modern presidential history.  What does Hillary really bring to the table that is new and exciting?  Her positions are almost identical to President Obama and the country has been extremely vocal about its apprehension toward eight more years of that.  Since she joined the race, she has brought nothing to the conversation except a foreign donation scandal and a deleted email controversy.  She hasn’t contributed a single new idea, except the flawed notion that it’s time to “level the playing field” between the rich and the poor. A platform which she clearly has no way to identify with the American people.

There is literally nothing new on the liberal side.  More taxes. Tax the rich.  Do nothing to ISIS.  Cops are racist.  The GOP hates the poor.  Abortions should be legal at 9 months.  Democrats have not changed their playbook in almost 40 years and yet somehow Hillary is trying to position herself as the candidate of “change”.

When compared to the GOP side, this group of candidates is border line embarrassing.  Say what you want about the fundamental philosophy of conservatism, this year’s GOP field is full of candidates that are not only dynamic, but diverse as well.

They have Ben Carson, an African-American from the inner city of Detroit who grew up to be the world’s most highly renowned brain surgeons. Carly Fiorina, the first female leader of a fortune 50 company.  Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, would both be the first Hispanic Americans ever elected President if they were victorious in 2016.  Both candidates were raised by parents who escaped Cuba’s tyrannical dictatorship and immigrated to the United States seeking a better life.

The GOP field has way more to offer than just diversity. The list of potential candidates is chock full of successful governors who have overseen transformational recoveries in the states they have governed.  John Kasich, Rick Perry, Bobby Jindal, and Scott Walker have almost single handedly turned around failed states and turned them into examples of economic prosperity by enacting conservative policies.

Even the “weak” GOP candidates like Lindsey Graham and Chris Christie have legislative accomplishments to brag about that can’t be imitated by a single Democrat candidate.  Donald Trump, a laughing stock among many GOP pundits, has a business record that no one on the Left can even pretend to impersonate.

For as much as the left wing media likes to talk about the imminent downfall of conservatives, it is becoming obvious that there are no facts to back that strategy up.  Hillary Clinton is almost guaranteed to be the nominee and she is one of the weakest Democrats candidates to come forward in decades.  She wasn’t even strong enough to get the job done in 2008 and her popularity has done nothing but decline since then.  The country resoundingly rejected President Obama’s policies in the recent midterm election and Hillary has done nothing to differentiate herself from that platform.  In fact, she was the sitting Secretary of State that authorized the majority of President Obama’s failed policies.

Hillary Clinton is going to be the nominee on the Democrat’s side and there are no serious challengers to change that inevitable reality.  On the GOP side, a robust debate between 10 conservatives of varying degree is going to take place over the next year, full of new ideas and contrasting thoughts.  If President Obama’s policies are more popular than the polls suggest, Hillary will likely roll to an easy victory, if not, it is almost incomprehensible that the GOP won’t be exposed as the fresh, diverse, and all inclusive party that it is and always has been.