It’s no surprise that the liberal media has jumped all over Jeb Bush on every possible issue including issues that they agree with him on like common core.  Over the past week, Jeb has been in hot water for an interview with Megyn Kelly where he said he would invade Iraq again knowing what we know now.

This was of course an effort to defend his brother as well as respect the lives of the thousands of American troops who were killed in the conflict.  Many fair minded people object to the Iraq War on both sides of the aisle but the media has taken this conversation to the next level and absolutely hammered Bush for his comments.  Paul Krugman, possibly the most biased person on the planet, called Jeb’s statement “vile cowardice”.

That’s all well and good, everyone knows that the media still hasn’t gotten over their hatred of George W. Bush and Jeb is the perfect punching bag.  This fascination on Jeb’s Iraq position begs the question, Where is Hillary?

There she is, on the Senate floor, explaining her decision to vote for the Iraq War.

The media has been silent in their criticism of Hillary’s vocal efforts to take the country to war.  In fact, Hillary recently answered only 8 questions in a 29 day period.  Compare that to the 322 questions GOP candidate Carly Fiorina answered.

Megyn Kelly’s question to Jeb was an important one and the Iraq War is extremely relevant.  However, the idea that Jeb is the only candidate who would have supported the war is extremely misleading.  First of all, Hillary supported it, very strongly.  Second of all, none of the other candidates were around to have voted for it or not.  Third of all, we don’t have the power of hindsight.

Jeb was ultimately forced to retract his statement today when he said that he would not have authorized the war “in hindsight”.  He was forced to make a truly irrelevant statement.  We don’t live in a world where we can go back in time to fix mistakes.  Bush should have had his answer to Megyn’s question prepared since he had about 8 years to rehearse it.  However, the notion that Jeb should be required to denounce the Iraq War, which only happened because of faulty intelligence, in order to please the media is wrong.

If the media was willing to grill Hillary on Iraq, it would make the controversy over Jeb’s comment insignificant.  Hillary has completely vanished from the public eye over the last month, and that is a far more important story than Jeb supporting a war his brother launched that the vast majority of Congress, including Hillary, strongly supported.