Last week’s ISIS inspired terrorist attack in Garland, Texas finally confirmed the fears that ISIS is actively trying to murder Americans on US soil.  While most left leaning outlets jumped at the opportunity to attack Pamela Geller and debate the nuances of free speech, Fox News once again articulated both sides of the argument and let the viewers decide.  Liberal pundits were shocked at the diversity of opinions that Fox brought to the table to the point where Politico published an article titled “Fox pundits can’t decide whether to cheer or jeer Pamela Geller.”

Maybe that’s because they shouldn’t have to.

The truth is that Fox covered the events thoroughly and objectively.  Megyn Kelly staunchly defended free speech while Bill O’Reilly and Geraldo Rivera were skeptical of the decision to hold the event in the first place.  Rivera even going so far as to compare Geller to the KKK.  A ridiculous point for sure but Fox still let him make it.  Greta Van Susteren expressed concern that the lives of the police were unnecessarily put in danger and Greg Gutfeld kind of stood up for Geller by supporting her right to “be a jerk”.

Sean Hannity interviewed a documented terrorism supporter alongside with Pamela Geller and during the interview, the jihadist explained that Geller deserved the death penalty for her actions.

On the other side of the spectrum?  No diversity of opinion at all.  MSNBC provided wall to wall examples of how those who provoke Islam deserve whatever happens to them.  Chris Matthews even said that the Garland organizers had set a “mousetrap” for Muslim extremists.

CNN got involved in the action too. Anchor Chris Cuomo, arguably CNN’s most prized possession, tweeted out that the first amendment doesn’t apply to hate speech and implied that anyone who has read the Constitution knows that.  Turns out. That isn’t true at all.

For all the criticism that Fox endures, primarily due to the fact they consistently dominate in ratings, they are without a doubt the most legitimate source of news on television.  Their Garland coverage is just further proof of that.