If the American public learned anything from Ferguson it was that there are a startling number of people in this country with no respect or concern for law enforcement.  The riots in Baltimore that immediately followed the funeral of Freddie Gray, a young black man who lost his life in an altercation with police, only helped further solidify that theory.  There isn’t much to say about the riots that hasn’t already been thoroughly reported on but it is important to point out the main stream media’s reaction to the events that unfolded today.

The riots are less than 24 hours old and already, Baltimore’s mayor, and several left leaning media outlets have unequivocally sided with the rioters rather than focus on the call for peace.

First, the mayor, who had a strange response to the riots when she said that the city instructed police to give those who want to destroy things space to destroy those things.  The protesters, who were in fact destroying things including the livelihood of several small business owners who saw their locations completely cleaned out by looters, were essentially given a pass to do whatever they wanted.  Why? Clearly the mayor felt that justice isn’t an issue for the court room, but a matter that should be sorted out by vigilantes in the street at the expense of the safety of police officers and innocent bystanders.

The mayor wasn’t alone.  The media had her back almost immediately.

CNN contributor Sally Kohn tweeted out that while looting was a shame, police aggression towards blacks was far more shameful.  In other words, two wrongs make a right.  If that’s not a justification for senseless violence, I don’t know what is.

CNN had more to say.  Marc Lamont Hill, live on the air, essentially said that the rioters were right to burn down the city because of “police terrorism”.  You can’t make this stuff up.  Thousands of police men and women are going to work every day, for little pay, with no other goal than to serve and protect and they are subjected to being equated to ISIS by prominent, although in all fairness thoroughly unwatched, news sources.

Chris Matthews from MSNBC got into the mix as well although he had a different spin on things.  He, again live on national television, blamed “Right to Work” states aka Republicans for taking all the good jobs to the south and leaving no jobs for African-Americans in northern cities.  This analysis of course makes no sense but it speaks to a broader point, MSNBC and CNN will bend over backwards to blame the rioting on anything but the rioters.