President Obama sat down to meet with Raul Castro recently despite receiving strong push back over his administration’s decision to “normalize” America’s relationship with Cuba.  The decision marks the first time the two countries have had a diplomatic relationship since the trade embargo was fully implemented by President Kennedy in 1962.  Obama, a little more than a month after refusing to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, sat down with Cuba’s dictator and issued a few bold comments in the process.

President Obama expressed his belief that the past should not dictate the future between the two countries and promised to “turn the page” with the island nation.  Enough time has apparently gone by to forgive Cuba’s well documented past of funding terrorism, committing human rights violations, and harboring convicted fugitives.

What is perhaps more interesting than the President’s decision to forgive and forget with Cuba is the fact that several weeks ago he was referencing the Crusades in order to discourage Christians from sitting on their “high horse” when it comes to radical Islamic terrorism.  The Crusades, for those not familiar with history, were a series of wars triggered by Muslim aggression that took place 1,000 years ago.

To recap, President Obama is willing to move past the issues that arose between America and Cuba 50 years ago, but weary of the Crusades which took place 1,000 years ago.  It is important to remind Christians not to get riled up by Islamic terrorism because of something that happened in the Middle Ages, but a trade embargo that lasted 50 years is enough to forgive the awful acts of violence and oppression committed by Cuba.  An interesting double standard to say the least.