It’s common knowledge by now that MSNBC is a joke and is only relevant as a network when other networks are reporting on how hopelessly biased it is.

Recently, Ted Cruz said that he started listening to more country music after 9/11, which was clearly a reference to the patriotic nature of that genre.’s senior editor, a panelist on MSNBC responded to that in a very troubling way.   She responded, “Nothing says let’s go kill some Muslims like country music…I mean really? That’s absurd.”

As you can see in the clip, Jamilah Lemieux, found the idea that Ted Cruz likes country music as borderline hilarious.  She can barely contain her excitement for the opportunity to poke fun at Cruz.  If this doesn’t clearly exemplify the left’s animosity toward Main Street and thorough ignorance when it comes to race, I don’t know what does.

This clip is obviously another example of the lack of integrity at MSNBC but it also shows how many liberal pundits are hopelessly blinded by race.  Ted Cruz, was clearly referring to the patriotic nature of country music and explaining that it comforted him during a time when the country was under attack.

Lemieux’s mind automatically associated Cruz’s comments with racism and animosity toward Muslims.  Pundits like Lemieux aren’t able to identify with the idea that country music might resonate with many Americans during 9/11.  That’s a joke to those on her side of the political spectrum.  Her mind is programmed to attack conservatives as racists no matter what they say.

It’s also troubling to note how her fellow panelists were giggling in agreement when Lemieux made her odd remarks.  MSNBC has deteriorated to the most juvenile of levels.  Name calling, joke telling, and racism has taken over each broadcast.  And it’s a shame.  The ratings prove it.  Viewership has been in the basement for years and is currently hovering at a ten year low.  While MSNBC was forced to apologize for the remarks,  there is no doubt that the apology is nothing more than lip service.