It is a well documented fact that President Obama doesn’t take ISIS seriously.  Rehashing that would be wasting everyone’s time but on Thursday the president’s rhetoric soared to new heights.  At the national prayer breakfast, President Obama implied that Christians are just as guilty as ISIS in terms of using religion to justify violence.  Seriously.

There are a million different ways to debunk this statement.  Anyone with an elementary grasp of history understands that Christians have not committed any crimes even remotely as heinous as ISIS in the last few centuries, if ever.  Reports came out today that ISIS has been kidnapping, raping, and murdering children by the thousands in Iraq over the past year.

Even if one were to disregard the beheadings, rapes, murders, and recent execution of the Jordanian pilot and only focus on this recent UN report, Christians would still not hold a candle to ISIS.  In fact, Christians have not killed in the name of God on this scale to this degree since the Middle Ages and any rational person understands that.  The difference between the crusaders and ISIS is that the crusaders evolved and stopped senselessly murdering each other a thousand years ago.

Barack Obama understands that.  But he doesn’t care.  To him, the two examples are exactly the same.  The thing is that it doesn’t matter if he is right.  Even if by some stretch of the imagination you could equate the Crusades (which Muslims participated in just as much as Christians) to ISIS, that isn’t a justification for ISIS.  Two wrongs don’t make a right. ISIS is just as wrong as any Christian who uses religion as an excuse for murder so what’s the point of bringing it up at a prayer breakfast?  There is no point and it’s a shame that the leader of the free world results to this elementary logic whenever he feels the credibility of Islam is threatened.