PASADENA, CALIF – Page one of the liberal media playbook clearly states that Republicans are racist all the time no matter what.  Page two dictates that the GOP also hates women and will stop at nothing to ensure that they are stripped of all their rights.

Enter Mia Love, a rising GOP star, former mayor and newly elected congresswoman representing Utah’s 4th district in Washington.  As an African-American woman, Mia represents the antithesis of what the uninformed masses perceive Republicans to be.  That doesn’t sit well with liberals and they have done their best to discredit her at every turn and have also unknowingly exposed their own racism which appears to be alive and well.

Last week, the left-wing smear machine known as Daily Kos published a cringe worthy hit piece on Mia Love which essentially concluded that Love was only in Congress to satisfy GOP white guilt.  Blogger Denise Velez wrote, “It is clear that Tea Party Republican Ludmya Bourdeau “Mia” Love, newly elected to Congress from Utah’s 4th District, won’t care what a vast majority of black folks think about her, since her job is to be trotted out and displayed as part of the faces of color brigade to prove that Teapublicans aren’t bigots.”

Democrats love to hammer Republicans for not caring about women or minorities but when a woman of color makes her way through the GOP ranks, the left tears her down.

The Daily Kos wasn’t finished.  The author added, “The Teapublican Party now has another brown face to shove in front of the cameras to somehow convince white people that the party isn’t racist (it certainly isn’t going to make black outreach successful).”

This hate filled article was not an isolated incident. A simple google search of Mia Love brings up a long list of articles written by liberals attacking Mia Love as nothing more than a “token”.  Mother Jones, the disingenuous peddler of the infamous Romney 47% tape, even went so far as to call her an “anchor baby”.

Besides illuminating a very hypocritical double standard, this kind of vitriol directed against Mia Love exposes the far left for what it is, thoroughly racist.  It’s increasingly clear that the left views people based on their race to a level that makes it impossible for any discussion to be had that doesn’t involve race.  To this Daily Kos writer, Mia Love isn’t a congresswoman, a mother, a wife, or even a woman.  She is black which means that any original thought or opinion she has that isn’t liberal (because blacks can only support Democrats) is wrong.

This belief is supported by a Huffington Post article about Love which was entitled, “She Looks Black, But Her Politics are Red.”  Translation:  She looks black, but she can’t be, because she’s a Republican.

The left viciously attacking conservative women and minorities for no reason isn’t new.  Ask Sarah Palin, Laura Ingraham, Clarence Thomas, Dr. Ben Carson, Michelle Bachmann, Nikki Haley, Tim Scott and countless others about it.

The truth is, the GOP is an extremely inclusive party and it has made significant strides in regards to increasing diversity among candidates.  It’s a shame that rather than celebrate Mia Love as the role model and American success story she is, the liberal media feels the need to downplay her achievements and belittle her effectiveness in Congress because of her race.

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