PASADENA, CA – The horrible murder of 12 Parisians as they sat in their office this week highlights the real danger that radical Islam continues to pose to innocent people all over the world.  This delusional ideology has managed to spread terror across every corner of the world from Europe to the United States to Indonesia to Africa and everywhere in between.  The threat is real and while these recent events force society to remain vigilant, they also shed a light on the fact that in many ways, we are not doing everything we can to prevent terror attacks.  Not only that, some European countries have completely given up and are letting the extremists roam freely outside the reach of central government control.

These areas are referred to as “no-go” zones and they are called that literally because the cops and other government officials have stopped going there. The neighborhoods are completely controlled and governed by the Muslims who live there and Sharia is the law of the land.  A brutally oppressive fundamentalist version of Islamic law as stated in the Koran.  There are over 750 of these zones in France alone with over five million estimated inhabitants.  Without any police presence, many of these neighborhoods resemble war-zones and have crime rates that are out of control. These areas are extremely impoverished and often times leave citizens with no way out.  Imagine the most dangerous and impoverished neighborhood in the United States, then imagine that the police woke up one day and decided to stop patrolling that area for a decade.  That’s what Europe did.

These communities were formed as a result of several economic factors that encouraged Muslims to immigrate from former French colonies like Algeria and other places in the middle east in search of employment.  Once they arrived, both legally and illegally, rather than assimilate into French culture, they instead stayed very entrenched in their own ways, associating with only themselves.

The fundamental reason that these immigrants chose not to assimilate in the first place is because of the stark contrast between Muslim culture and European values.  That difference, when placed in an incubator and influenced by the tension that naturally develops when two cultures live side by side without interacting, festers and inspires impressionable minds to lash out.  That’s exactly what two of those minds did on Thursday and twelve innocent people are dead because of it.

These zones are not unique to France.  Several of these neighborhoods have popped up in England.  In certain areas, non-Muslims who live nearby or who even pass through on the street are harassed and chased out.  Some of these neighborhoods even have signs posted warning citizens that they are entering a Sharia controlled zone.  It’s lawlessness in it’s most dangerous form and the police simply don’t come around due to fear of retribution and the desire to not be labeled as racist if they are forced to act.  It’s happening in Belgium as well where the population is 20% Muslim.  Police have been told to not eat or drink in certain areas during Ramadan in Brussels, the nation’s capital city.  In Sweden, police relinquished control of 55 neighborhoods to Muslim criminal gangs.  Young men have been seen patrolling the streets in Germany with the goal of instituting Sharia law.  This is by no means an isolated incident.

Another troubling aspect of the no-go zone is that rather than fight back, the Europeans have not only continued to retreat from more neighborhoods, they have enacted “dialogue” campaigns to try and persuade the communities to let them back in.  The focus has been on sensitivity training for the officers and in Sweden the government even appointed “dialogue officers” to grill hotdogs and halal with some of the residents to help ease tensions.  Europe has basically decided to ignore their own laws and pander to these communities.

One would think that something like this could never happen in the United States.  Don’t be too sure of that.  Residents of Dearborn, Michigan have experienced a significant surge in Muslim immigration and the population is showing warning signs of harboring the same contempt toward assimilating that we are seeing in Europe.  An incident where several Christians were attacked by an angry mob at the Dearborn Arab Festival has definitely turned some heads.

There is no real argument in favor of immigrants not accepting the culture of a country they choose to move to.  Assimilating does not mean forgetting who you are or where you came from, it simply means becoming a part of a society that is working together for the common good.  Obeying laws is not a choice and for some reason Europe has allowed certain Muslim communities to make it one.  As far as America is concerned, there is no country on earth that provides more opportunity to immigrants.  It’s a country that allows anyone, regardless of background, to be successful and to to practice whatever religion they choose.  That does not give anyone permission to break our laws with impunity.  These no-go zones represent anarchy and Europe’s appeasement has created a toxic situation that will only continue to radicalize impressionable Muslims.

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