Something really interesting happened during Fox’s live coverage of the fallout that resulted from the grand jury’s decision to not indict Darren Wilson for the death of Michael Brown.  Megyn Kelly made the very important and correct point that the media was responsible for fanning the flames of discontent by reporting false information as news over the past few months.  This happened on many occasions and her guest, Richard Fowler, proved her point by responding with a comment about how Michael Brown was shot with his hands up while trying to surrender.  The grand jury evidence, which can be found here, indicates that there is no proof he was trying to surrender and several eyewitnesses testified that he was running full speed at the officer when he was shot.

If someone is seriously hurt or killed in the Ferguson rioting, the mainstream media will be partially responsible.  They were complicit in reporting rumors as facts and speculating on evidence they did not have access to.  Now that all the evidence is on the table, it is apparent that many political commentators had it wrong.  The scary part is that they can’t undo what they started.  Once they disperse the misinformation through the various channels, it is nearly impossible to issue a retraction.  Richard Fowler proved that by continuing to push a talking point moments after it had been debunked by a grand jury transcript.

-Andrew Mark Miller