On Thursday night, President Obama is scheduled to announce his plan to address the country’s illegal immigration situation through an executive order.  His Republican opponents argue that this stroke of the pen would blur the lines of the balance of power between the different branches of government as dictated by the Constitution.  The President contends that congressional inaction has forced his hand but his own statements over the past few years have suggested he may not have the authority he now claims to have.  In the montage below,  Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly illustrates the disconnect between 2011 Obama and 2014 Obama.

House Speaker John Boehner has gone on the record suggesting that this unilateral move will hurt the already strained relationship between the President and Republicans in Congress.  This “grievous mistake”, as Boehner calls it, is a decision that Democrats have been anxiously awaiting although nearly half the country opposes it, according to the latest polls.  Despite suffering an overwhelming loss in the recent midterm election and facing opposition from Americans in the polls, President Obama has indicated that he is inclined to double down on his policies rather than work with Republicans to change course in the way President Clinton did after suffering his own embarrassing loss in 1994.  Obama will address the nation in a prime time speech tomorrow night where he is expected to lay out his full plan.  One thing is for sure, this move will set the tone for the way negotiations unfold between Republicans and Democrats in Congress over the next two years.

– Andrew Mark Miller