Senate New Hampshire Debate

The highly anticipated 2014 midterms are a few days away and one of the most fascinating races is happening in a state where no one thought Republicans would have a chance.  In New Hampshire, former Republican darling Scott Brown, is in a statistical dead heat with incumbent Democrat Senator Jeanne Shaheen, who has managed to be both booed and laughed at in her debate performances thus far.  Scott Brown has been able to narrow the gap without any dirty tricks or deceptive ads and instead has chosen to simply expose Shaheen’s record to the voters.  Shaheen recently produced an ad which declared that because Brown is not from the state (neither is Shaheen) he is not right for New Hampshire.  Let’s take a moment to examine what her record has to say about how right she is for New Hampshire:

The Left’s number one strategy during this midterm election cycle has been to pretend that they don’t know who President Obama is.  Democrats have made it clear that they don’t think the voters are paying attention by adopting the tactic of literally refusing to admit they voted for Obama.  Not only does this not make political sense (people who don’t like Obama already aren’t voting Democrat), but it shows just how far Liberals are willing to go to try and appeal to everyone.  Shaheen is no different, as evidenced by her awful debate performance where she also refused to address her support her for Obama.  Shaheen obviously knows that the President is unpopular and that Obama holds a 38% approval rating among New Hampshire residents.  The problem she faces is that it’s impossible to reconcile her record of voting with the President 99% of the time with the reality that her constituents are clearly saying they don’t agree with the job Obama is doing.  She is directly connected to policies that the people of New Hampshire have spoken out against.  The argument that she is representing her constituency is impossible to support due to her 99% rate of voting with Obama.

With all that being said, there are still voters out there who believe that Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Florida Democratic Representative of the House, is accurate when she said that a continuation of Obama’s policies aren’t on the ballot in this midterm.  This is untrue, and even Obama went on record and directly contradicted that by saying that his policies are indeed on the ballot this election.  Even if you believe that Democratic Senate candidates should be allowed to deny a connection to the policies that they voted for almost 100% of the time, there are STILL plenty of reasons not to like Shaheen.

Shaheen, like many on the Left, has been extremely lax about securing the border and has had quite a hard time being honest about her stance.  When asked about the fact that ICE agents from across the country pleaded with her to not support the “Gang of 8” immigration bill, she pretended that she had no idea what the reporter was talking about.  The controversial 1,190 page bill which was pushed through the Senate with only 75 hours of review stood to grant amnesty to 11.5 million illegal immigrants.  The Bill raised many concerns, most prominently regarding the encouragement of more law-breaking in the future by more illegal immigrants as well as the trillions of dollars in cost to taxpayers for services to those who get amnesty.  Shaheen supported the bill, and rather than explain to the reporter why she thinks that the agents were wrong to be against the bill, she chose to completely duck responsibility for her vote.  This is not far off from the way she is currently ducking her voting record of unwavering support for Obama.

Shaheen is also responsible for a lot of flip flopping on other issues.  The list includes the Iraq War, gay marriage, energy policy, and of course, the standard fraudulent Democratic talking point of, “if you like your plan you can keep it”, regarding Obamacare, which never came true.  Shaheen has demonstrated time and time again that her position will wander wherever the wind blows it.  For some people that may show an ability to adapt, but for most people it actually shows a lack of principle.  Principle is something Scott Brown has shown in spades, highlighted by his voting record of not always siding with the Republican Party even when he knew it would hurt him with the Conservative base.

If you are familiar with the Democrat Party you are aware of the incessant “War on Women” attack that the Left has used as a rallying cry since 2012.  Anyone who doesn’t agree with their views on birth control or abortion is automatically labeled as hating women.  They have even gone so far as to fabricate the message that women are paid less than men and continued to run with it even after it was debunked.  This tactic, intended to divide people by gender, has been used, rather unsuccessfully, by every Democratic politician running in this midterm election including Mark Udall, Wendy Davis, Kay Hagan and yes, by Jeanne Shaheen.  She tried to scare women into voting for her by running an ad claiming that Scott Brown wants to take away access to birth control and force women to look at color pictures of their baby before aborting them.  The ad was so false and shocking that she was forced to pull it off the air.  That does not mean she disagreed with the tactic, as evidenced by another claim she made that Scott Brown wanted to take away access to mammograms.  This statement was also proven to be untrue.  Jeanne Shaheen is apparently no different than the rest of the politicians in her party in regards to doing whatever it takes to win, even if that means terrorizing women with false information.

The reason elected officials are put into office is to represent their constituents and the reason people are given the right to vote is to hold those officials accountable.  A Senator who takes absolutely no responsibility for the votes he or she casts, does not deserve the right to stay in office indefinitely.  This is especially true when a candidate who has a history of working across the aisle  is running against her record of blatant uncompromising partisanship.  It is SGR’s belief that New Hampshire, a state with the motto “Live Free or Die”, not only deserves new blood, but deserves someone who has proven they will not serve as a rubber stamp for their party, that person is Scott Brown.

– Andrew Mark Miller