“I could go on and on. The problem with Senator Hagan is that there are so many things to talk about that you can almost not get the message out.” –Thom Tillis

As a former North Carolina resident I can speak from personal experience about the culture and political history of the state.  North Carolina is a unique and beautiful place but unfortunately they made a huge mistake six years ago when they elected an extremely unqualified North Carolinian to represent them in Washington. Simply put, Kay Hagan is the worst.


If you don’t live in North Carolina this may be news to you, so let me try and elaborate.  Last week, Republican member of the North Carolina House of Representatives, Thom Tillis, walked into a Time Warner Cable TV studio to debate his opponent in the race for Senator of North Carolina.  Much to his surprise, he encountered a small problem: his opponent, incumbent Senator Kay Hagan, was nowhere to be found.  She blamed scheduling conflicts for her failure to appear at a debate that had been arranged well in advance.  According to her own official campaign schedule, even if Senator Hagan had wanted “to stop at Parker’s for delicious BBQ on the way”, she still could have made it to the debate on time (as pointed out by North Carolina Republican Party Executive Director, Todd Poole).   Hagan claims to be looking out for the people of North Carolina, but when it came time to present her ideas to the electorate, she declined.  Many outsiders were perplexed by this turn of events, but it comes as no surprise to those who have been following her political career up until this point.  Senator Hagan has plenty of skeletons in her closet, most notably the following: her very shaky voting record in the Senate, questions about ethics violations in her campaign, and a very disturbing and racially divisive flyer that was passed out in an African American neighborhood in North Carolina followed by one of the most racially insensitive ads in recent political history.

At the start of this campaign, polls showed Hagan with a 10-14% lead over Tillis. However, as the race has gotten closer within the last few months, this particular Senate race has become one of the most expensive in political history.  The increased media attention over the seat in question has resulted in more difficult questions for Senator Hagan, most prominently the pressure to have to answer for her spotty voting record in the Senate.  The scrutiny directed toward her voting history has resulted in a complete evaporation of her lead in this race, to the extent that the race is now too close to call.  Before trying to find reasons to attack the Tillis campaign, it is imperative to address that Hagan’s actions speak for themselves.

Hagan is understandably very concerned about her voting record.  One of her biggest inconsistencies stems from her first Senatorial campaign in 2008 when she often criticized Elizabeth Dole, the previous incumbent Senator of North Carolina, for voting with then President Bush 92% of the time.  Hagan even went so far as to say that the kind of partisanship exhibited by Dole “wouldn’t work for North Carolina”.  I completely agree with Hagan’s reasoning on the problems with voting solely along party lines, and I find it refreshing to hear a candidate that is a proponent of holding a politician accountable for blindly doing whatever their party says.  However, there is only one problem with Kay Hagan having held this stance: she voted with President Obama 96% of the time over the past six years.  By Kay Hagan’s own criteria, she has disqualified herself from being Senator of North Carolina.

The conversation about Hagan’s lack of qualification should end on the hypocrisy mentioned above, but it won’t because there is plenty more to talk about.  Kay Hagan also supported Obama’s PR campaign intended to mislead the American people about the benefits of Obamacare.  While the President was traveling around America assuring people that if they liked their healthcare plan, they could keep it, and if they liked their doctor they could remain with them, Kay Hagan was echoing those promises to the people of North Carolina at least 24 times.  Hagan made these claims while knowing full well that what she was saying was not true.  The promises about Obamacare made by Obama and Hagan alike have been exposed as bold faced lies.  Not only has Hagan not apologized for lying, but instead she has re-iterated her support for the disastrous law by claiming she would vote for it all over again if she could.  Even if you support Obamacare, you have to acknowledge that the “if you like your plan you can keep it” angle was misleading.  Obama has even admitted he wasn’t telling the truth about the realities of coverage under Obamacare.

How do the people of North Carolina feel about these positions? Well, 48% of voters in the state are opposed to Obamacare and 52% of them disapprove of President Obama’s job performance.  How can Kay Hagan represent North Carolina, when over 50% of North Carolina doesn’t support the policies of a President that Hagan sided with 96% of the time? She can’t.  The numbers very clearly show that Hagan does not represent the views of the people she claims to represent.

The second reason to distrust Kay Hagan revolves around her net worth of 24 million dollars.  Unlike the Democrats, I have no desire to demonize someone simply for being rich.  But it is certainly interesting to examine how she went about earning all of that money.  As it turns out, Hagan has come under scrutiny for possible ethics violations involving improper use of taxpayer money.  It appears that she used her political influence to steer stimulus money toward projects that her friends and family were involved in, including a 400 million dollar tax credit to a company owned by her husband.  This is not only morally wrong but it is against the law.  Unfortunately it seems that the law doesn’t seem to apply to politicians if they have a D next to their name.  Of course Senator Hagan is innocent until proven guilty, but at the very least she could have had the decency to face the voters of North Carolina and answer the allegations head on in the debate she missed on October 21. She chose not to do that.

The third and most troubling reason to not trust Kay Hagan centers around an incident that occurred this past Sunday.  A left-wing group circulated flyers at a predominantly African American congregation of a Baptist Church in North Carolina that said a vote against Senator Hagan is a vote for impeaching Obama.  The flyer included a full-page photo of African Americans being lynched.  The group which circulated this flyer claims to be unaffiliated with Hagan’s campaign, however her tacit endorsement of the flyer is evident as she has yet to distance herself from the situation.  This kind of overt racism is nothing new for the Democratic Party and while Hagan was most likely not directly responsible for the circulation of the flyers, her response is very curious.  Rather than take a strong stance and condemn this despicable act, her spokesman came out and simply said her campaign was not responsible for the flyers and that they don’t cooperate with other groups.  There was a shocking lack of anger from the Hagan campaign.

Conventional wisdom would suggest that Hagan would be chomping at the bit to attend the skipped debate to vehemently denounce this racism and go on the attack against anyone who would support the shocking images on the flyer.  Kay Hagan did not do that. Instead of distancing herself from the flyer, she didn’t show up for a debate just two days later and followed it up with an even more controversial campaign ad.  In the ad, Hagan politicized the death of Trayvon Martin by implying that Thom Tillis should be considered partially responsible for the teen’s death.  Her rationale for such a controversial claim (assuming it’s even possible to rationalize something this despicable) is that Tillis supported a “Stand Your Ground” law in North Carolina that was similar to the one in Florida, which the Left continues to incorrectly claim is the reason that Zimmerman was acquitted.  In actuality, Zimmerman did not lean on the Stand Your Ground law as his defense, but that didn’t seem to matter to the Left because it doesn’t fit their narrative.  What matters to the left is dividing and scaring people. Not only was the ad incredibly insensitive to the memory of Trayvon but it was also factually inaccurate on every level.  It is very difficult to see how racism like this has a place in the US Senate, and luckily the voters seem to be coming to that conclusion too.

All of these examples of Senator Hagan’s incompetence raise two very important questions:

1) Is Kay Hagan upset about the racist flyer that was circulated with her name on it?

2) Does Kay Hagan represent the voters of North Carolina?

It is the belief of Small Gov Report that the answer to both those questions is clearly no.

-Andrew Mark Miller