SmallGovReport has been vocal about the horrible side effects that are guaranteed to result from the passage of what the Left is referring to as “comprehensive immigration reform”.  Investigation into the intentions of the Left in regard to these sweeping reforms reveal their desire to pass blanket amnesty across-the-board.  Democrats in office have been clear about amnesty being on the immediate horizon, (“by Christmas” as Nancy Pelosi says) which is interesting given that until recently, the prevailing reality had been that Obama could never get his legislation for anything through Congress.  However, it is becoming increasingly evident that the Obama regime is planning to bypass Congress by way of an executive order to unilaterally legalize tens of millions of illegal aliens.  That came to the forefront this week when it was reported that the administration is printing 34 million blank green cards in preparation for a major immigration announcement.

We have already established that amnesty is bad for many reasons, for example: the strain on an already struggling health care system, the flooding of the already financially constrained public education system, the multitude of immigrants exhibiting blatant disregard for rule of law, the degree to which illegal immigration is unfair to those waiting patiently in dire circumstances to immigrate into America legally, the mass influx of unskilled labor, and the list goes on and on.

Those arguments are not unnoticed by the Democratic Party, they are ignored.  Why? Because politics is all that matters to the Left.  Every single issue is politicized with no restraint and no regard for the truth.  Rahm Emmanuel, a member of President Obama’s inner circle, once famously said “Never let a good crisis go to waste”.  That sums up the liberal mindset perfectly. Take Ebola for example, in an interview with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday, DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz said that the left should not politicize Ebola.  The only problem with that is the Left has been doing the exact opposite for WEEKS, for example by claiming the GOP cut funding for the CDC, despite the fact that claim was almost immediately proven untrue.

All of the facts support the gravity of the argument that amnesty will be a disaster, but the facts don’t matter, because the goal is clear: to create a new voting block for the Democratic Party that will hopefully vote blue for decades to come.  The Left intends to breed a dependent political base, grateful to be here and guaranteed to vote Democrat.

Political strategist Dick Morris believes that Obama is purposely not enforcing our laws to instill chaos and create a partisan divide that will make compromise impossible.  Morris foresees that this would give him the authority to bypass Congress and create his own policy under the aegis of “rising above partisanship”.  It is very hard to disagree with that theory, especially given the news of the government’s strategized plan for printing 34 million green cards while telling the American public to “move along because there is nothing to see here”.  There is a reason that crowds full of DEMOCRATS are getting up and leaving the room when President Obama steps onto the stage and it has everything to do with his failed policies, this being one of them.

By: Andrew Mark Miller